Welcome to our Threshold!

Here's where the bodies become dust!

COMPILATION OF DEATH' zine is a fanzine that was born in CHILE and has as main objective to show a process, the history cycle and the path of Death Metal bands .. We are a link between the forgotten and the present in part a continuation of what once others were able to make ... COMPILATION OF DEATH is a zine made by fans, made by superb minds able to speak properly, without any fear about the music we enjoy.
We do not seek to be a fanzine done with simplicity, not in words or image, we are restless and we value our work, we are a new writing precedent , able to deliver what others have failed ... At this threshold, you will see some news about the process of creating each issue, you can send your comments, your insults, recommendations, we have ears to hear, eyes to see and read and a tongue to answer ...

"The desire to live is the process, the path to death"

Do in life what others can not make being dead!